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Author and speaker Neil Pasricha is world-famous for helping people deal better with challenges, whether professional or emotional. He says the essence of living an awesome life (and being awesome in it) lies in three key ingredients – attitude, awareness and authenticity.

We probably all agree that all things pandemic-related have taught us that we need to add another A to that equation, and that is adaptability.

Roll with the punches. Accept and embrace change. Try not to panic. Learn to think on your feet and instead of only seeing problems, seek new ways of doing and being that create practical solutions. Find the gap. Be resilient. Be courageous. In other words, adapt.

Applying the five As to business communication

In an environment where change is the only constant, how, when and where you talk to your employees, clients and other stakeholders can help you thrive. They can be the key difference between making (or breaking) a situation.

  • Awesome needs context
    If you want to share business news with internal as well as external audiences, you also need to provide context as to why this news is noteworthy. Utilise the “old faithfuls” to make your news awesome – What? Who? Where? When? Why? How?
  • Attitude informs behaviour
    Communication can be used as a tool to inspire and motivate attitudes (existing and new). Turn challenges into opportunities to entrench and modify behaviour through communication. Using the right time and approach is also crucial.
  • Awareness before action
    Be proactive and keep an eye out to see what could potentially have an impact on your stakeholders (employees, clients, suppliers), such as new industry legislation, regulations and even Covid vaccinations. Who do you need to inform, what’s the gist of the information and what format would work best for them?
  • Authenticity shows your values
    Matching your walk to your talk is important for keeping things ethical and above board. Communication is especially complex, not only because different situations call for different methods, but also because we communicate through our actions as well.
  • Adaptability
    Albert Einstein is said to have defined insanity as doing the same thing repeatedly, but expecting different results. It’s often necessary to take a step back rather than to continue doing things the same way every year “just because”. Does your staff induction training reward you with informed personnel? Does your external communication reflect an image of quality and care?


Don’t just tick boxes. Add reason and a solid business rationale and strategy to your rhyme!

Let our team of creatives, strategists and communicators help you achieve your goals and outcomes. Let’s craft goal-directed comms that mean something. That matter. That make a difference.

Let’s be A+ awesome together.

Lemonade Hub

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