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What’s your story in 2015?

Get more clients, keep more clients and show your clients why your brand is awesome.

This is why marketing and advertising is essential to your business.

Oh yes, and also to fill the place your competitors long to use when you’re not looking. Getting creative with your advertising campaigns puts you in a space of your own and makes it easier to speak to specific target groups.

We’ll put your brand in front of the people you want to reach to create the lasting impression that lives on in their minds. With the most relevant platform customised to your brand’s tone and personality, we expertly, creatively and effectively send brands to the heights of visibility.

Marketing & advertising at Lemonade Hub

  • Creative marketing concepts and implementation
  • Product packaging development and design
  • Display units and pull-up banners
  • Signboards, signage and billboards
  • Vehicle signage and branding
  • Print and online advertising
  • Copywriting and design
  • SMS and mobile campaigns

Lemonade Hub

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