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Sometimes it’s the way of least resistance to just soldier on and live life by following Dory’s motto of ‘just keep swimming’. It’s also monotonous. Boring. Uninspiring.

These days we live our lives with hectic schedules at work AND at home. And although we might have started this year with the best intentions, life and deadlines inevitably happened. We expect and are expected to be brilliant and out-of-the-box performers at our jobs and in other areas. But how does one get to that level of genius when you’re tired and the ‘just keep swimming’ mode eats away at the inspiration?

Dory is in good company

It’s not only an animated blue fish that gives this kind of advice. Thomas Edison was probably the most prolific inventor of things that impact our lives, even today. He believed in simple hard work. You may recognise some of his quotes:

Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.

Everything comes to those who hustles while they wait.

Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.

Other advice that boils down to the same thing comes from writer Anne Lamotte and filmmaker Woody Allen:

Keep your butt in the chair

80% of success in life is simply showing up


Maybe we should consider that we might be working too hard. All work and no play makes Jack and Jill dull people. Maybe we need a reminder to take care of ourselves. You know? The kind of advice that your mother gave you?

Eat your veggies.

Go play outside.

Go to bed early.

You can’t take (the proverbial) money out if there’s nothing in the account. Add at least one of the following:

  • Do something different

    If you had a tough day at work and are feeling low, why add to your woes by listening to the news while stuck in traffic on your way home? Rather find some music you enjoy or stop at a nice spot along your route.

  • Slow down

    Slow down and rediscover your sense of wonder. Notice the little things around you. Remind yourself of what’s important to you and do more of those things. If you haven’t yet seen Neil Pasricha’s TED talk “The 3 A’s of awesome“, watch it and be inspired!

  • Mingle

    Be open to influences from new people, new ideas and new places. Maybe even consider getting help: stick with what you’re good at and let Lemonade Hub help you with your communication needs, for example.

In short, take time for yourself and make different kinds of deposits and investments. You’ll be repaid with energy, inspiration and a good boost of Vitamin D from not staying indoors all the time.

You may even feel enthusiastic about life and your work again – the yeast that makes your hopes shine to the starts, the sparkle in your eyes, the swing in your gait, the grip of your hand, the irresistible surge of will and energy to execute your ideas (with apology to Henry Ford).

So keep swimming, but walk and lie on the beach as well. Because maybe then you can build a life where you don’t just show up, but where you can make inspired and energetic contributions.

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