Is your website still not tablet and phone-friendly?

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Don’t get left behind!

Your website is your spokesperson – it is the face that greets your audience and keeps the conversation going. It should also spark the interest of those your brand still needs to befriend. 

Web users expect to find all the information they seek on the internet and it is the first place they look to see if a brand is living up to their expectations and to find out what the brand is about. Other than driving more leads to your offering, an online presence is more than a website.

Yet your brand’s online home needs to make a good impression, by being responsive, easy to navigate, informative, engaging and up to date with your brand’s activities – not to mention attractive and suited to your brand’ corporate identity.

Online marketing gives you direct contact with your target audience and with the right strategy, the right tools and with targeted content, the internet is your playground and your most powerful ally.

Why responsive web design?

Simply put, responsive web design adapts your website content to the device that displays it, from tablets and smartphones to laptops and desktops.

Which means that… One website will cater for all your users on any device, even when new devices emerge – one website fits all screens – now and in the future.  

Your website needs to respond wherever and however people view it; no-one is going to hang around on a website when it’s hard to view and engage with.  

Why SEO?

Search engine marketing (SEO) is about making your website easy for customers and search engines to find. It drives the right customers to your website, increasing not only traffic to your website, but also the chance of turning those visitors into conversions.

Marketing speak aside – SEO ensures that customers find you before they find your competitors. It’s a very cost-effective online marketing tool with a good return on investment.

Let Lemonade Hub help you with your online presence

  • Design services, like website development, graphic, creative and information design, as well as simplified information and infographics
  • Online communication tools, like the text content of a website, web banners, advertisements, blogs and electronic newsletters


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