Working with us

Do you want to work with us but have a few questions? Or are you already working with us, but you’re unsure about something? Find the answers below. If you have any other questions, please submit an enquiry via our contact page.


Why do we send a formal quotation?

The quotation contains all the information and terms and conditions you need to know about so that our working relationship and relevant projects run smoothly.

Why is the process like a production line?

Stages are often dependent on one another, e.g. design cannot be done until there’s content to work with. This way of working ensures efficient use of all time and resources. And then we're able to deliver a high-quality project on time, which is why you chose us.

What does the production line typically look like?
  1. We plan with you and gather and source information
  2. We write/edit and finalise the content
  3. You check the content
  4. We incorporate ONE set of changes to the text
  5. We translate and/or do the graphic design/layout
  6. You check the translated work/design
  7. We incorporate ONE set of changes to the design
  8. You sign off on the project
  9. Depending on the product, we make the electronic version available or have it printed
Why do we want you to stick to a timeline?

We want to deliver quality work to all our clients. The timeline helps us do that. And it helps YOU to supply the information we need in time. By sticking to the timeline, we can ensure our focused attention to the work we're doing for you. Delays impact each stage of the production line and could have a cost impact.

You've already signed off on the content or design, but something happened and you want to make changes. What now?

In most cases, we can accommodate content and design changes, but it might have an impact on the schedule and cost.


Why do we want you to read the quotation before signing it?

We want you to enjoy working with us and have projects run smoothly. The quotation gives you all the vital information to ensure that we're on the same page and have the same expectations.

Why is the quotation only valid for 30 days?

When you contact us about a potential project, one of the things we take into account is our available time. We want to deliver high-quality work to all our clients, and the project may include supplementary services and products with their own cost. After 30 days, we need to relook at our schedule, as well as our service providers’ availability and the cost of supplementary services and products.

Why do we send another quotation if you've already agreed to the original quotation but now want to change the project parameters?

The reality is this: If you said you wanted a small entry-level vehicle (and we've quoted you for one) but later on it becomes clear you're actually looking for a minivan as well as an SUV, we unfortunately can't give you what you want at the same price.

How does payment work?

We usually require a deposit of 50% of the cost when you accept the quote and the rest when we finish the project. For larger projects, we could agree on progress invoices.

You've paid the deposit – now what?

Let's get this project running! Your time is valuable, and so is ours. If we haven't heard from you within three months, you'll forfeit 50% of the deposit and we'll have to start the process from scratch.

Information and images

We’ve given you background information for the project, but we don't want everybody to know all the details. Can you keep it confidential?

We keep all the information we got during the course of the project that is not in the public domain in the strictest of confidence.

Why do we want pictures/images of at least 1 MB for printed publications?

High-resolution images ensure that pictures do not appear pixellated in printed format. Even if it looks fine on your screen, it will not give a nice crisp image when printed if the quality of the image is low.

How do I check the size of an image?

Right-click on the image and check its size under “Properties” in the drop-down list. Our rough guide is that images smaller than 1 MB (1 000 KB) are of low quality and will not be suitable for printing.

Who owns the content/design-related concepts that Lemonade Hub generates?

The final concept belongs to us until you've paid in full. After you've paid, it's yours. We retain the right to display your logo on our communication and marketing material to show that we've done work for you.

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