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We all get into situations where we struggle to see the wood for the trees. We don’t have a clear perspective on what may be a sticky problem, or perhaps we just cannot find the impetus to change a certain dynamic that tends to repeat itself. We’re simply too involved and immersed in our situation to extricate ourselves without a bit of help.

Those proverbial trees in that overwhelming forest signify our inability to move forward and change things up, be it in a business context or in life.

So what do we do when we lose touch?

Sometimes we phone a friend to help us regain our sense of perspective. Sometimes we chat to our spouse or partner about a problem at work over a morning mocha java. Sometimes we search the internet for an answer.

And sometimes we have to go a step further and call in the cavalry. Our psychological lumberjacks, ready to hew down the unnecessary trees in order to let our forest breathe.

As people, many of us tend to be suspicious of outsiders. A focus on the trees instead of the big picture forest can also be a comfort zone for us. We ask ourselves, “Who does this psychologist, digital analyst, corporate consultant or life coach think they are anyway?”

Whether it’s for a communication strategy, a marketing dilemma, an HR issue or any of an endless list of challenges, the outsider is often the key to success and resolution. Getting an objective professional with a certain skills set and expertise to assist one regain perspective and prioritise action can be inspiring and rejuvenating.

As with new blood in a company (and their fresh perspectives and opinions), making use of external contractors can benefit your business in numerous ways. The joys of gardening aside, it probably takes you a good few hours to make your garden look presentable, whereas the garden services do it in an hour or so (and you can use the hour productively and profitably).

Why make use of consultants or contractors?

  • They’re objective about your business.
  • They’re motivated to prove themselves to you.
  • They are experts in specific areas – specialists of their trade.
  • They can save you time, effort and money because they’re skilled and experienced in their field.
  • They’ll freshen things up and make you think.
  • They’ll notice things you haven’t – both positive and problematic aspects of your business culture.
  • They might get employees or co-workers to say something they have been too scared or too intimidated to express.
  • They want you to succeed.
  • THEY want to succeed.
  • They want to do a good job for you, because chances are that you’re their reference for other projects – you help build their track record and reputation.

Yes, there are chancers out there – folk with glib tongues that promise the earth and don’t deliver. Sure. But in the knowledge age it’s become a lot harder to pull a fast one. Finding the right outsider to prune, fertilise and make timber from your forest is a mouse click or phone scroll away. Why not take a look at your options? It’s time for an aerial view of those woods you’ve planted.

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