The five As for an A+ year

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Author and speaker Neil Pasricha is world-famous for helping people deal better with challenges, whether professional or emotional. He says the essence of living an awesome life (and being awesome in it) lies in three key ingredients – attitude, awareness and authenticity. We probably all agree that all things pandemic-related have taught us that we […]

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Fifteen years of business: What we’ve learned

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This year, Lemonade Hub commemorates 15 years as a communication, branding and training consulting agency. There’s no denying that 1,5 decades of running a successful concern teaches you a few things about life, people management and business. It teaches you to be grateful that you have stimulating work and can provide gainful employment to others. […]

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Is your website still not tablet and phone-friendly?

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Don’t get left behind! Your website is your spokesperson – it is the face that greets your audience and keeps the conversation going. It should also spark the interest of those your brand still needs to befriend.

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